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The New Crusades

Canadian Murder Mystery

Synopsis By Alexander Kucharski
A Muslim family is picnicking at Ball's Falls, a Conservation Area on the outskirts of a little town, Jordan, Ontario, Canada. It's no ordinary picnic. Aamir is about to kill his sister, Hazirah, in an honour killing. She's been dating a white Canadian boyfriend. Wally stumbles upon the bloody body a day later while photographing scenery. 

Jake Klassen is the senior detective from the Niagara Region assigned to the case. Edmund Spencer is a younger detective from Hamilton who investigates yet another murder which he doesn't know is related. The two detectives combine forces but there is so little evidence to go on. They have a fingerprint but no match! A silver necklace, which says, "From Alexander," but no boyfriend! They not only have to rely on their detective skills but also lots of coffee, doughnuts and Lady Luck.

They get so very close, only to have Aamir escape from Canada to join ISIS. Unknown to them, the killer is later sent back to Canada with false identification on a secret mission.

The book embraces the time period between the Arab Spring of 2011 and that terrible month of October 2014 when Mosul and parts of Kobane fall into the bloody control of ISIS.

Meanwhile, back home in Canada, it's a wake-up call as two murders take place. First, that of Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent in Quebec, killed by a crazed jihadist behind the wheel of a car and second, the execution of Corporal Nathan Cirillo, shot in the back, as he stood guard at the National War Memorial in Ottawa with an unloaded ceremonial rifle. It was a fitting irony when Corporal Cirillo's killer is himself killed in a shoot-out in the "Hall of Honour" inside the Nation's Parliament Building!

Waldemar Guenter points out in his book that Christians have themselves been guilty of terrible atrocities throughout history in the name of God, as for example during the First Crusade in 1099 when Crusaders sacked Jerusalem and mercilessly butchered Saracens, Jews and Christians alike. In modern times, almost a millenium later, the Islamic State is repeating similar terrible acts against non-Islamists in the Middle East in their effort to force their idea of Islam and Shari'ah Law upon all people under their power.

Wally sees cruel acts of war, using God as an excuse, as "the same old story" repeated time and time again throughout history. He sees the tendrils of intolerance and one-sided religion spreading even to Canada with incidences like honour killings and terrorist acts threatening our homeland. The author wonders when will the killing and maiming ever end - this misrepresentation of what a merciful God should be?

Wally was a good friend of mine. The family asked me to create a website and to summarize some of the story and ideas in his book. I can only say, I am happy that he finished his work before he passed away on November 29, 2014 from cancer. We hope the book will spark all the positive forces in the world to stand up to evil, no matter what form it takes, in whichever extremes of religion or race, so that this world becomes a better place in which to live...for the good of everybody! We have only one planet!


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