The New Crusades

The New Crusades

Honour Killing in Canada

This novel is dedicated to all children and civilians who have been killed
in all "Holy Wars" and "Crusades" throughout this planet's history
by Islamist jihadists and Christian extremists,
and any other race or religion,
who has no conscience
and no merciful God.

The New Crusades Cover "The New Crusades"
[A Crime Fiction About Honour Killing in Canada]
By Waldemar Guenter

A Muslim family is picnicking at Ball's Falls, a Conservation Area on the outskirts of a little town, close to Jordan, Ontario, Canada. It's no ordinary picnic. Aamir is about to murder his sister, Hazirah, in an honour killing. She's been dating a white Canadian boyfriend.

Waldemar [Wally] Guenter, a scenery photographer, stumbles upon the bloody body hidden behind some brush. 

Jake Klassen is the senior detective from the Niagara Region assigned to the murder case. Meanwhile, Edmund Spencer, a younger detective from Hamilton, is busy investigating another murder which he doesn't know is related to the apparent honour killing at Ball's Falls.. The two detectives combine forces but there is very little evidence to go on. They have a fingerprint but no match! A silver necklace, which says, "From Alexander," but no boyfriend! They not only have to rely on their detective skills but also on lots of coffee, doughnuts and Lady Luck.

Detectives Spencer and Klassen get close to arresting Aamir, only to have him escape from Canada to join ISIS. Unknown to them, the killer is later sent back to Canada with a false passport on a secret mission of sabotage.

This novel is a fiction based on current events at the time which embrace the time span between the Arab Spring of 2011 and that terrible month of October 2014 when Mosul and parts of Kobane fell into the bloody hands of ISIS.

The novel evolves out of Wally's daily entries into his diary. He also creates a blog in which he cites actual news events, especially during that difficult month of October 2014, when Kobane was under siege. Patrice Vincent is killed by a Canadian Jihadist in Quebec, and finally Cpl. Nathan Cirillo is shot dead at Canada's War Memorial in Ottawa. It was a fitting irony when Corporal Cirillo's killer is himself killed in a shoot-out in the "Hall of Honour" inside the Nation's Parliament Building! But is all this a sign of a new reality in Canada? Have we imported Canadian Jihadists into this country?

The main character, Wally Guenter, binds the whole story together, as his feelings about Islam and his own Christianity are explored. He becomes cynical about all religions, even his own, and yet, he finds some internal need for a higher faith and a higher good.

All this, while Wally finds out he has pancreatic cancer!


Tracking Aamir:

27 hours earlier, 11:00 a.m.
Monday, October 10, 2011

"Please don't!"
"You have shamed the family!"
Aamir stabbed his sister without remorse. He was performing a duty motivated by an old law. Hazirah's scream was stifled as Aamir's hand clutched her mouth, turned her body around, and with a quick motion... [ch.1]

Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Morning flight to Sofia, Bulgaria
Afternoon flight to Ankara, Turkey
Overnight stay @Hotel Capital

Closing the door to his three star room, Aamir's eyes took in the wallpaper with displeasure. Large flowers in stark black and white faced him. He whispered to himself, "Either that wallpaper has got to go, or I do." He figured it wouldn't make much difference once he turned off the light and fell asleep. He said, "Goodnight," to the wallpaper. "After all, tomorrow is another day!" He would be back with ISIS shortly, and back in the thick of the figfhting. Allah be praised. [ch.68]


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