Niagara Scenery Photos

The New Crusades

Cast of Main Characters

Wally Guenter, 68, photographer and web designer.
Wally's wife, 57, prefers anonymity, especially from the internet.
Leonard Webb, 42, Wally's brother-in-law, a computer nerd.
Charlie, "dad," 80, Leonard and Wally's wife's father.
Karl de Jong, 60, Wally's counselor.
Pastor Greg, 30, Tuesday evening Prayer Meetings.
Sam Clemens, 66, Wally's photography pal.

Aamir Ibrahim, 26, Muslim extremist; his name means "civilized."
aka: Hafiz Bashir, Aamir's false identity in Syria and Iraq.
aka: Jorin Aslan, disguised as a Turk, to get back to Canada.
Amy St. Clair, 26, violinist, Aamir's former Canadian girlfriend.
Hazirah Ibrahim, 25, Aamir's sister; her name means "chaste."
Alexander Kucharski, 29, Hazirah's Canadian boyfriend.
Abqurah Ibrahim, 21, younger sister; her name means "genius."
Adl Ibrahim, 60, father; his name means "justice."
Yaminah Ibrahim, 55, mother; her name means "right and proper."

Detective Jake Klassen, 60, police detective, Niagara Region.
Detective Ed Spencer, 32, police detective, Hamilton District.
Ramona Szewczuk, 63, aka "Baryon," computer nerd.

Abdul Ali al-Sayed: Hafiz's [Aamir's] immediate commander in ISIS.
Umar Wahidi, 30, Toronto contact in terrorist cell.
Mike Feeney, 45, pilot of the Cessna.
Jerome Lavigne, 26, security guard at Wilfrid Laurier University.

Last, but not least, "God and/or Allah, "The Alpha and The Omega of Everything."


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