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Mark Twain [1835-1910] once said, "Man is a Religious Animal. He is the only Religious Animal. He is the only animal that has the True Religion--several of them."


The New Crusades Cover The New Crusades Sequel Cover

"The New Crusades" by Waldemar Guenter

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Tragically, Waldemar Guenter passes away. Meanwhile, life goes on for his young friends. Alexander gets together with his old girlfriend, Lena. Spencer marries Abqurah. They pick Paris for their honeymoon. Except, the Kouachi Brothers have shot people at the Charlie Hebdo Magazine, and France is on high terror alert. Yet, not all is lost for the honeymooning couple, when they meet Jack...


“Let what is right be right,” said the father. “It was an honour killing, not a murder, as Allah is our witness.” The parents demanded to be tried under Shari'ah Law. They did not recognize Canadian Law. They would appeal the court decision if found guilty.

Wally, who discovered the gruesome body, just couldn't fathom the extremes of Islam. How could anybody's God condone such things?

Wally, a scenery photographer, stumbles upon a dead woman in the woods off the Bruce Trail, near Ball's Falls. The woman is the victim of an honour killing committed by her own brother, Aamir. He escapes arrest by fleeing to Syria and becoming part of ISIS.

Two detectives bring the parents to trial for being complicit, but are frustrated by not being able to arrest Aamir. Little do they know that he intends to come back to Canada, under a false passport, to continue "unfinished business."

Wally binds the whole story together, as his feelings about Islam and his own Christianity are explored. He becomes cynical about all religions, even his own, and yet, finds some internal need for them.

The novel evolves in the form of a diary and a blog, and includes actual news events, especially during that difficult month of October 2014, with Kobane under siege. Patrice Vincent is killed by an Islamic terrorist, and finally Cpl. Nathan Cirillo is shot dead at Canada's War Memorial in Ottawa.

Author: Waldemar Guenter - now deceased
Nov.29, 2014


> Therapist Karl de Jong: "Waldemar Guenter was a talented photographer, and if I may say so, an excellent writer. He saw the religious struggles in the world between Muslims and Christians as an ongoing problem since the Middle Ages. He wondered if the Crusades were a never ending story. He wrote about a so-called honour killing which he thought was an extreme misinterpretation of the Holy Qur'an."

> Detective Jake Klassen: "There are three people now in this sad murder mystery who died unfairly. First, Hazirah, Aamir's sister, who wanted to marry Alexander, a white boyfriend. Secondly, Ramona, the older lady in Aamir's class, who outdid him in marks and in landing a job in web design. Thirdly, Waldemar Guenter, the author of the book himself, who died of pancreatic cancer shortly after finishing, The New Crusades."

> Detective Ed Spencer: "I investigated the Ramona murder in Hamilton. She was a talented old lady taking computer classes when others her age cringed at the use of a computer. Jake Klassen and I almost had Aamir in our grasp but he fled to Iraq and joined ISIS. We got the parents though on the conspiracy, aiding and abetting charges."

> Designer Alexander Kucharski: "I intended to marry Hazirah. She was murdered through a wrongful notion of honour by her brother, Aamir, a religious fanatic. To be fair, Wally also showed how crazy the Christian religion could be, not just Islam, at different times throughout history. He blended history, current events and even romance into this creatively constructed murder mystery."

Tracking Aamir:

27 hours earlier, 11:00 a.m.
Monday, October 10, 2011

"Please don't!"
"You have shamed the family!"
Aamir stabbed his sister without remorse. He was performing a duty motivated by an old law. Hazirah's scream was stifled as Aamir's hand clutched her mouth, turned her body around, and with a quick motion... [ch.1]

Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Morning flight to Sofia, Bulgaria
Afternoon flight to Ankara, Turkey
Overnight stay @Hotel Capital

Closing the door to his three star room, Aamir's eyes took in the wallpaper with displeasure. Large flowers in stark black and white faced him. He whispered to himself, "Either that wallpaper has got to go, or I do." He figured it wouldn't make much difference once he turned off the light and fell asleep. He said, "Goodnight," to the wallpaper. "After all, tomorrow is another day!" He would be back with ISIS shortly and back in the thick of the figfhting. Allah be praised. [ch.68]


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